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Starting in the next few weeks, some of your children has been provided with the opportunity to engage in an interactive viritual learning program called GoZen with Mrs. Tilley
What is it?GoZen! is a fun, educational stress managemetn program for kids. Children of all ages sit down and watch online animations that teach about worrisome thougths.  They follow the story of a young boy and girl who worry...a lot!  With the help of a cool science teacher and friendly alien, These kids learn where worry comes from, why, and how to manage it.  It is learning that is scientfically based, engaging, and fun.
How does it work?The main teaching tool is 36 cartoony animations organized into 6 modules.  These animations (1-4 min. in length) feature relatable characters in real-life situations.  The animations cover the following topics:
Module 1:  What is Worry?Module 2:  Worry Affects Your BodyModule 3:  Worry Affects Your ThinkingModule 4:  Watch Out for ThoughtHoles! (recognizing thinking distortions)Module 5:  The 5Cs Technique (5 easy steps for recognizing and changing inaccurate thinking)Module 6:  The FARR Method (a mnemonic for remembering what technique to use when)
Berfore, during, and after watching the animations in the classroom with their teacher, students will engage in classroom discussion and activities to reinforce what they're learning.
How can I support my child/learn more?As a parent, we simply want you to be aware of this important educational program that your child will be using in school.  Even if you child does not currently suffer from anxiety, they will still benefit from GoZen, as they will become more aware of how their thoughts influence their feelings and behaviour, and let's face it:  stress, pressure and challenges are part of everyday life, so these skills that your child is learning will be useful in many situations for years to come.
To learn more about the GoZen! for Anxiety Relief program visit website

 or if you have a question please call Jill Tilley at 780-956-3851

Expressive Art 
​Art comes from our heart so therefore is never wrong. 
Creating art promotes sequential reasoning and organization of thought for those faced with overwhelming feelings but lacking the coping mechanisms to properly process them. Art can serve as a way to map pictorially that which cannot be examined verbally. 

Children of all ages will get to enjoy the freedom of expression. If you have a question, you can call Jill Tilley at 780-956-3851

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