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PSST World

The FVSD #52 has signed on with PSST World.  PSST is an Online Anonymous Reporting Tool where students can report anything that s worrisome to them directly to school safety staff via a secure online platform. 

Using the tool is simple, easy and can be done with your phone or any computer or tablet.  To protect a student's  identity as the reporter, the tool is designed to be completely anonymous if the student  chooses not to enter their name.  If there is additional information students want to share, they will have the option to submit their name - but this is their choice.  The school will follow up with students privately and discreetly.  

By using the PSST  to report worrisome or concerning behavior, students have the power to make an impact on the safety and wellbeing of their school community.  This tool gives students the opportunity to have their voice heard.   

posters are up around the school and announcements have been made!  Login in to the following:


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