Super Readers Program

Super Readers Program

Super Readers is a reading program that is run by the library. Its purpose is to encourage students to read by making it fun and rewarding. Funds to operate it are raised by running two Book Fairs a year.

Students will fill out coupons for books they have read or have had read to them and give them to their teacher every month. An assembly is held near the end of each month and draws are made for a student in each class to win a new book and then all coupons will go into a large draw for an overall winner prize, after the assembly all students who participated will get a prize delivered to their classroom. At the end of the year, prizes are given out to students who have had full participation. The rules for Super Readers are as follows:

  • All coupons can either be filled out by a parent or student. ECS to grade 3 fill out one coupon for every 15 minutes read, grade 4 to 6 fill out one coupon for every 30 minutes read.  
  • Students who bring in coupons for at least nine of the ten months that we have assemblies, are eligible for great year end prizes. New students will begin from the month of their arrival.
  • Coupons are due to your child’s teacher 2 days prior to assembly date. Late coupons will only be accepted if the student is away on that day.

I look forward to giving out lots of great prizes and books every year.


Mrs. Lederer


Super Reader Coupons