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Work Experience


Work Experience is an Off-Campus Education Program that allows a student to earn High School credits for the experience and on-the-job training they receive while working at a part-time job during the school year, during the summer months, or holidays.

Who may go into Work Experience?

  • Any student in grade 10, 11, or 12 who has a part-time job during the school year or a position during the summer months, or who volunteers, can sign up for Work Experience.

Are there any prerequisites to Work Experience?

  • Students are required to complete HCS3000, a one credit course, based on Workplace Safety Systems.
  • It is recommended that students complete CTR1010, another one credit course, giving students experience in Job Preparation.

What do I need to do to begin Work Experience?

  • If you have not completed HCS3000 in CALM class, see Ms. Durling to enroll, as we can set you up to complete the module independently.
  • Following your completion of HCS3000, arrange a time to meet with Ms. Durling regarding your interest in Work Experience. We will discuss, and you will receive, copies of the following:
    • Work Experience Agreement
    • Off Campus Letter for Parents
    • Student Journal (to be completed on a weekly basis)
    • Off Campus Student Evaluation (to be completed at the end of 125 hours)
    • Off Campus Employer Evaluation (to be completed at the end of 125 hours)
  • Once you have an employer in compliance with the FVSD Work Experience Agreement, Ms. Durling will meet with your employer to complete the agreement, and complete a worksite inspection.
  • When your HCS3000 is completed, the Work Experience Agreement is signed, and a worksite has been approved, then you are ready to earn credits!

How do I earn credits?

  • Students can earn anywhere from 3 to 10 credits in one work site. Credits are based on time worked. Each credit requires 25 hours of work. (for example, 5 credits will require 125 hours of work, 6 credits- 150 hours, and so on).
  • Students will receive a mark for their Work Experience based on the following criteria:
    • Employer Evaluation 60%
    • Student Journal 30%
    • Self-Evaluation 10%

Is there a time limit of when the credits must be completed?

  • No. Students' work schedules vary from one student to another and therefore students earn Work Experience credits on an individual basis. For example, if a student works 10 hours a week, that student will probably earn 10 credits in about 6 or 7 months. It may take another student less time, or more time.

Can I use more than one job for Work Experience?

  • Yes. The more variety in job experiences, the more likely that students can earn the maximum number of Work Experience credits (30).  Students can also use two jobs at one time. For this to happen, there would be two different employer contracts in place at the same time.

When does the employer evaluation and student evaluation need to be completed?

  • Make sure your Employer Evaluation and Student Evaluation form are completed every 125 hours or each semester (whichever comes first).
  • Monitor your hours and notify Ms. Durling, as well as your employer, when you are approaching each 125 hour evaluation period.

What are the advantages of being in Work Experience?

  • Knowledge, skills, and attributes gained in the workplace are lifelong.
  • May help students identify educational and occupational goals.
  • Students can continue to work without having to alter their schedules.
  • A good employment experience and positive employer evaluations can build your resume and portfolio.
  • Workers Compensation Benefit insurance is provided for all Work Experience students through Alberta Education.
  • 15 credits may be used towards earning your Alberta High School Diploma!

It is the responsibility of the Work Experience student to stay in contact with the Off-Campus Coordinator (Ms. Durling) on a regular basis. This would be for any changes to Work Experience status, workplace issues or problems, or changes to your Registration information.

If you have any questions regarding the Work Experience program, please feel free to contact Ms. Durling at or by phone at (780) 956 3851.

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