Does the school close for snow days or cold days?

There are usually no "snow days" at our school.  Should the temperature reach a low of -40 degrees, the school bus does not run but school remains open.

What is available if my child needs specialized programming?

There are multiple supports put in place to  meet your child's specialized needs.  Supports within the classroom start with tailoring reading and language instruction to your child's learning level.  When more specialized needs are identified, Individual Student Plans (IPPs) are developed by teachers, the Inclusive Education Coordinator and administrators in close collaboration with parents to meet these unique needs.  Additional supports are offered by teacher assistants, our Child Circle Worker as well as a speech and language pathologist.  Further, students have a resident Career Counsellor and access to a regional educational psychologist. 

What is available if your child is achieving above grade level?

Within the school there are a variety of programs that are available to your child.  Enrichment within the classroom is provided, there is a multi-level guided reading program in grades 1 - 3, Reader's Workshop in grades 7 to 9, extra-curricular opportunities in robotics, glee club, drama, sports and co-curricular opportunities in science fair, spelling bees, etc. 

What extra-curricular activities are offered at the school?

Once again the school has a variety of activities for your child.  They include the sports of cross-country running, golf, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track & field.  Outside the sports realm you will find glee club, art club, robotics, student council, etc.

What is available in the town for medical services?

The town has a health care clinic  where nurse practitioners are on duty each day.  A doctor comes to Rainbow Lake once per week and there are doctors available in High Level at the nearest hospital (137 km).  The nearest dentist also located in High Level.  There is an ambulance service and EMS attendants who are on call 24 hours a day.

What is available in the town for entertainment and recreation?

For a small community, Rainbow Lake has much to offer its residents.  There is a nine hole golf course, a curling club, tennis courts, softball, a well equipped workout centre, a hockey/skating arena with a minor hockey and an outdoor running track and basketball courts.    In addition, there are there are three hotels, two licensed clubs, two gas stations, a grocery store, bank, and several other small stores.  On many weekends, various companies host local events that normally take place at the local Rec Plex attached to the Curling Club and arena.