Rainbow Lake School offers a wide variety of courses from Grades ECS to Grade 12.  The ECS to Grade 6 curriculum is one which includes the standard core subject areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Along with this we offer health, music, physical education technology, and art.   The elementary sections are heavily involved in the Balanced Literacy approach to language and reading and this can be seen through all of these grade levels.

Junior High students are exposed to a similar course of study except there are also CTS course options available at this level.  The school does not, at present, offer a second language course of study at any grade level.  In language arts the school has promoted a Readers' Workshop approach to literacy where students are studying the strategies of reading.


At the senior high level we currently offer the following courses:

Semester 1 (2017-2018):

Science 10/ English 10 and 20/ ADLC Forensics 25 & 35/ PE 10, 20,30/ CTS:Construction, Foods/ Math 10C/  Bio 30/ Physics 20

Semester 2 (2017-2018):

English 30/ Bio 20 / Science 14 and 24/ Social 10/ CTS: Recreational Leadership, Mechanics, Human and Social Services, Photography/ Math 20-1, 20-2 and 20-3, Visual Arts 15 


The school also promotes RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) where students can earn credits and work towards a job in a trades field as well as a strong WE (Work Experience) credit program where students receive credit for the hours they work outside the school.

Power Engineering is a program offered in partnership with Northern Lakes College and Husky Energy whereby students take college level courses and accumulate work experience hours that permit them to graduate with a Level 4 certification in Power Engineering upon graduating from high school.