School News

Cross Country Divisionals - Rocky Lane

Our Lakers hit the trails yesterday in a brisk minus 2 degrees in Rocky Lane.  A crisp morning didn't stop any of our smurfs or bantam runners who didn't bat an eye at the frost.  The elementary runners were Jordan Howatt, Chase Wakelin, Amber and Annabelle Walsh, Landon and Austin Doidge and Ali Noseworthy.  They stampeded through the hills of Rocky Lane in some of the fastest running that Ms. Paterson has ever seen!  Our junior and senior runners: Kali and Koen Hordos, Nate and Austin Dubland and Brendan Bedard did their best to keep their muscles warm before runs.  Luckily they had a bit more sunshine to keep them toasty!  Ms. Holden, Ms. Brake, Mrs. Hill and Ms. Paterson are SO PROUD of our runners!  Thanks for a great day runners.  Now off to Zones!